Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pinterest Dry Erase Board

The first time I saw this project, I was on and it was love at first sight. I already write on every glass surface in my home from mirrors to windows. Now to frame scrapbook paper for my own board? Yes, please! But here's the thing... My moods change about as quickly as the weather. Wait. The weather in Texas is currently hot and hotter, so perhaps that's a bad analogy. I digress. My moods change, as do my preferences in design styles. Why not cut several papers and stack them behind one another so I can change the papers as my mood sees fit? 

So the starter: The frames. I went to several different places to find a preferred frame at a preferred price. Ross's selection was well picked over, otherwise that would have been a good choice. The 8X10 frames were around 8.99. I also tried Marshall's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target. In the end, I picked these frames from Garden Ridge Pottery for 5.99 (left) and 7.99 (right). 
Add a bit of Scrapbook paper... For the life of me, I don't know why but I bought the 12X12 scrapbook paper instead of the 8.5X11. Regardless, I liked my selections. Most pieces were marked $.59. Some were marked 6/$1.00. All were purchased at Hobby Lobby when they were marked 50% off. Keeping track yet? 30 cents per page at its most expensive. LOVE. I cut each piece to fit in the frame with scissors because THIS scatterbrained girl has packed her paper cutter. (Did I mention I'm moving?) 

Take off back, clean the glass, insert paper (for the gifts I just have one, for mine I have Valentine's day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and every day covered), replace the back, attach a wipe erase marker to the top of the frame with a piece of velcro, and SMILE at your handiwork. Last step? Grab a marker and write your gift message on the glass to forgo the card.

Okay, so let's assess the damage:

Frame: ~ $6.00
Paper: ~$.30
Markers: ~$3.00 for a 3-4 pack
Velcro: (a craft room staple!) ~$3.00 for a small pack

Whole project: $12.30 for one. 
If you do 3, $24.90 which figures out to $8.30 each. 

Time: ~ 10 minutes per frame.  

Level of ease: Kid + Adult. The Adult will need to help with the glass and, depending on the way the back fastens on, the back of the frame. Of course, the cutting of the paper too.

NOT BAD! It's a great gift to wrap up and keep on hand for those forgotten birthdays. Perhaps I'll wrap a few extra in December to put under the tree... Just in case someone gives me a present and I totally forgot to get them one. Then I get to pull the "I've got YOUR present right here!"Yes... I think that's what I'll do. 
YOUR turn. What do you think? Will you try it? What will  you change? 

lindsey daniella


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