Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introductions all around

In my home, "Lindsey Daniella did it!" was a phrase I heard quite often.
"Who left the door open!?"
 "Lindsey Daniella did it!"
"Who made the mess in the kitchen!?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"
"Who let the crayon melt in the backseat!?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"
"Who pressed the pencil down so hard the word 'galaxy' is forever engraved in the kitchen table!?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"
"What is that smell!?"
"Linds..." Well, that wasn't always me. I'm just sayin'.

Besides, you get the point.

Add 5... 10... 20 years and all of the sudden, I LOVE hearing the phrase "Lindsey Daniella did it!"

"Who made the cake?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"

"Who made this quilt?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"

"Who put this together?"
"Lindsey Daniella did it!"

Sewing, cooking, stamping, crafting... I love it all. But I HATE having these amazing craft ideas and finding out that either 1, takes too long or 2, it is WAY too expensive. Oh, and what about all those crafty girls that recommend you use these "objects laying around the home" like 300 year old antique mirrors or that perfect frame with all the classy swirls or that chair that is just begging to be re-purposed? Come ON, Martha! If I had a 300 year old antique mirror, I wouldn't be looking for craft ideas to make something that LOOKS like a 300 year old antique mirror! And I don't know which Goodwills YOU'RE going to, but MY Goodwill doesn't have items like THAT. Well, perhaps they do, but I don't have time to go to 5 different locations, 7 days a week.

Here's the part where I announce my goal. I'm going to do these projects I see online, or the ones I think of myself. As best I can, I'm going to report on the time. I'm going to report on cost. I'm going to report on frustration level. I'm going to report on the smile on the face of the person who receives the gift. And you? You're going to tell me if you love it. You're going to report on the same project if you try it. Easy enough, right?

So, my dear friends, grab a cup of tea, a hot glue gun, a jar of allspice, and your computer... let's get started.

lindsey daniella


  1. I LOVE IT!!! My friends refer to me as Martha Stewart b/c I TOO like to knit, bake & create things!! ANNNDDD!!! I'm in the DFW area, we Texas girls know how to do it, don't we?!

  2. Hello girls! I am from South Texas and I just really loved this web page which shows me how to make the crayon canvas! I will try that soon!

    Dinah Anaya